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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Ramadan Kareem and Happy Ending

Hello everybody
We have been literally eating out so much so that we got in contact with this fine dining desert place that we absolutely fell head over heels with, it's called "Happy Ending" 
Well, the reason why loved it is because of it's ambiance and the yum yum treats that these guys make freshly for their beloved visitors *inserts googly eyes*

Oh and they have a ROOF TOP SEATING as well!!! *stop drooling!!* *Wipes mouth* 

Let me tell you the story behind Happy Ending, that comes straight from the mouth of the founders themselves.

So... How did you guys start? I mean tell us from the start, tell us from the very start.
Happy Ending; initiated by students from LSE and LUMS. But more importantly, three friends who have known one another for over a decade and amongst the numerous memories that have been shared, there is one that is worth mentioning in particular; back when we were all still teenagers we'd end up saving everything that we'd get for our pocket money at the time which never exceeded two-thousand a month for any of us. But for what? You may wonder. So that we could hangout three times a month and treat each other to the finest desserts in town. Whether it was our visit to Tiramisu so we could embrace in that molten goodness of a lava cake, HotSpot where we could order their incredible brownie served with a scoop of ice cream, or even if it were us ordering the Little Alaska at the Freddy's cafe; one thing was for sure, the sacrifice was always worth the experience. However, sometimes, it was a little too much, even for us. Our visits were often limited because much too often we would be enslaved by the financial constraints that being a student can often accompany. It was at one of these meet-ups as we sipped our way onto one of these incredibly decorated mason jars shakes that Daniyal, Ali and myself (Umair) were brought in touch with the realization that the best way to find happiness is not to search for it, but to create it! A 'Happy Ending' and not just for us, but for anyone who wanted the pleasure of experiencing the delightful luxuries without paying the premium charge for it. And so that, we could play our part and and bring happiness even to those who may have the least in their pocket so that they could devour in our premium desserts and that of course, with a neater bill. 

Let's see what some of the bigger names on Earth had to say about Happy Ending
"That's how you devour a dessert. One bite at a time"
- President Frank Underwood

What all are these guys serving you ask?
Let me show you! 

 Fashioned after the great Mountain Tambora, our Molten Lava Cake is truly a volcano. Filled with oozing hot chocolate entrapped in a soft sponge, this best seller is served with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream.

 Also known as the Trinity Cream, the origins of this exquisite dessert are debatable. But what is not debatable is the taste of the creamy custard topped by a layer of burnt golden caramel.

And since we really liked what the other person does, we planned a cute little giveaway for you guys, that's happening on Instagram and now on here as well on here *faints* lol!

Ramadan Kareem and a happy, blessed and full of life Eid !

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Party scene at Mango Musik and Djuice event

So this was one hell of a party for #Lahoris and some even said it was a better party scene than #Cochella Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
It was all done by team Mango Musik, Ebuzztoday and Djuice Two hearts
They partied literally till 6 in the morning Heavy black heart️ 

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Friday, 29 April 2016

Short Story 'Paint'

Whenever you get to painting, there's some inspiration behind your holding that brush.
The main reason I have not come in terms with making a complete painting is because I do not think that art can ever be completed. Even when you think that this is the last stroke, it is not. Maybe that is the beauty of it, maybe this is the reason Leonardo Da Vinci could never complete any of his paintings, because, well it never is complete... No matter how many strokes an artist puts on his work, he knows deep down in his heart that his work is not complete. And that is why abstract art must have come into being, so that the artists don't feel bad or have an inferiority complex about his works, just so he can feel like those three uneven strokes look so much more worth than a billion strokes and thousands of tints and shades he strived hard to make and assemble a perfect landscape or portrait. That is why modernism brought with it Dadaism, which to popular believe was not even an art movement, because they walked out on perfection of art, and they called it Dada.

No matter who you are, I know in my heart that you have strived hard with that brush and palette. I have too, and that is the reason I am afraid to call myself an artist. DaVinci or Diggas or Van Gogh were also never given their chances in life, because they did not know the future, neither do we. Who knows, in 3016 someone might buy Muzna Shafi's "Zulaikhan- the woman who loved too much" for billions of dollars. We just need hope to paint, paints can be bought, its the hope that is not sold anywhere.

What is something that you wish you could do and publish with a secret identity?

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Calling- A Nida Rashid poetry illustration book

Hello Everybody,
We hope you're all as awesome as the last time we heard from you.

Why yes I am reading this book "The Calling- A Nida Rashid poetry illustration book" and I feel so good about it, my review about it is that Nida is as good a writer as she is a photographer.
It's her first book and I know you may think that this is her first book and I might be cutting her some slack, but I'm not.
She deserves to be read, and read from the heart.

Here is the link to her photography page: Facebook page and her Blog


"Poetry is what happens when nothing else can."
— Charles Bukowski

Here's a blurb from her book

Lingering in the dark about my castle,
A castle that I had burgeoned with much love and care,
I had raised its boundaries strong and high,
I had broadened its gardens to a heavenly stair.

My advice for her would be:

She has got really nice illustrations, but she should get them made digitally by a concept artist, so that the illustrations do the poetry some fairness.

 We love hearing from you.
  Do let us know what you think of her book, and which is your favorite illustrated poetry book?

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How was my weekend, you asked?

Well, I have been busy, and not so busy at the same time... huh! Funny...
These few days, especially weekends, I've been sketching people, in the rough way, and trying to find my muse, I know it is odd since every time I see a new work, I say that I am going to try it, but then it stays in my folders or my bookmarks, and I never find enough time to do it.
But this past weekend, I've been trying to start something on my own.
I am not gonna show you....
I am kind of ashamed of it....
"Show it please" "Show us, we wanna see" "Please Imagination Station, show us, for God's sake"
Alright Alright.... I'll show you, but don't you dare make fun of it...
"Ok :P "

In this one just like the upper one, I've added watercolor effects, but I am going to keep trying until I get it right.

Is it good?
"Umm, hehe, umm, it's wonderful" (Starts laughing)
What? Why are you laughing?
"Nothing, nothing" (tries to stop laughing, but can't)
Ok, that's it, I am throwing you guys out of my blog...
Filthy needy people....
Always trying to pull my legs... :(
But I don't care anymore..., coz I am AWESOME ^_^


Ok, after looking at the first picture, a friend of mine asked me to sketch her, I did, and she turned out like this....

(laughs in the background)
(looks out of window) I am telling you guys, stop laughing... 
Ok, ok, she sure as heavens looks much better in real life, but I was just sketching her ryt!


The next one I made was of another online friend.

Actually I made her sketch before both of them, but posted this one on my Facebook later.
She loved it, and I feel good seeing people happy ^_^
Btw the other two friends of mine also liked their sketches....
And now I am thinking about polishing my sketching skills (A bit more) :P

Btw, here are the sketches I made of myself.
And my friends said that the sketch doesn't really resemble me at all.
Sad me :(

 And the other one is of me and my friend, my sketching is bad, the picture I drew it from wasn't
We are FAB.

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Fawad Afzal Khan facts on his birthday

1) FAK lived in Athens, Dubai, Riyadh and Manchester with his father being posted there. Khan returned to Pakistan when he was 13 years old, and since then he has been living in Lahore.
2) He obtained his A-levels from LGS Lahore, Johar Town Branch.

3) Fawad completed his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore.

4) Fawad Khan made his first public appearance in a high school play. The play was directed by his own friend Manal Butt. Fawad’s performance in the play was so good that Shahzad Anjum (director) got impressed and encouraged Fawad to perform on TV as well.

5) FAK is Sagittarius. It is said that Sagittarius are open-minded, straight forward and honest people. They have a good sense of humor too. (But he seems shy, odd).

6) Fawad Afzal Khan is a diabetes patient.

7) FAK in collaboration with his wife, established a clothing brand called SILK by Fawad Khan. The debut collection that is Eastern and Western casual styles designed, was launched in Lahore.The brand was launched on 18 August 2012.

8) FAK's aim was to study Social Sciences or Law. In an interview he said that he was not happy while studying Computer Sciences.

9) He says that “He was a hopeless romantic in his teenage and proposed his wife at the age of 17″.

10) Fawad learned guitar, bass and drums at the age of 20.  The band was founded by songwriter and guitarist Zulfiqar J. Khan, vocalist, songwriter Fawad Afzal Khan and keyboardist and vocalist Ahmed Ali Butt who were soon joined by Salman Albert on guitars, Abid Khan on drums, Hassaan Khalid on rhythm guitars and Waqar Ahmed on drums.

11) His  band briefly reunited in 2010 to perform Bolo Bolo in the third season of the popular TV music show Coke Studio. In the same year, the band also released their patriotic single Shor Macha, written by Khan, Ahmed and Salman, and recorded at The Albert Studios.

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Last and Second last exam tomorrow and I don't wanna study.

Hello Guys, how are you? I hope you'd all be good :D
Well, as the post title says, I have exams going on, and I have a habit of not doing right thing at the right time, in fact, I even like the rush that comes with reading the notes at last time, I don't have anything against exams, but I feel like we spend a whole lot of time on things that are not really important and we may or may not remember them when we graduate.
I am in Computer Arts field so I have the edge that we people mostly do the "CREATIVE WORK".
But I feel like what ever falls under work, isn't really good, you know, I feel like you should do something when you want to do it, not when you are forced by the teachers or anyone else.
I had a clear motive, I wanted to do animation when I wrote Computer Arts in the form, but sometimes I regret it, everybody regrets their decision no matter how good it actually is or how better the result might be, but every student regrets choosing the field that he/she did choose, the same goes for me, I particularly hate hate hate deadlines...
They make me sick, and give me headaches, so the next thing I do is shut my eyes and sleep, yeah, it is the silliest thing to do, but I do do it, whenever something gives me headache or has a pressure on my or my head, I simply sleep, it calms me out. And the next day, I regret sleeping.
Look it is a vicious cycle the educationists have put us in, first they put loads of knowledge in our head, with the speed of light, then they fix dates for quizes and exam papers, then they even give us projects and assignments, the only paper I feel relaxed about from inside is that has very less notes or has something practical or conceptual, like I have 6 subjects this semester, and right now I have mid-term exams, I have Drawing, Cartoon & Caricature, 3d Animation, Script Writing, Urdu Literature, Marketing Management, and Women in development. Oppss, I have 7 subjects and I have been counting them 6 only. I don't know why, but I feel like I have been giving myself less credit, anyways, yesterday (as in the day before this day, coz I have paper today at 8 and I am writing this blog post at 4 in the morning {night}) I had two papers, one was of 3d Animation, which we do on Autodesk 3ds max, and I had learnt for the first time what was going to come in paper/practical exam, from a classmate, who is really good at it, and is a humble soul, so we did it from almost 2:45pm or 3pm to 4pm, while eating lemon sandwich biscuits, and what we did was Lathe (a simple glass of our choice, just simple lathe without lighting, texturing, material or anything) and the other one was modeling an anchor, with a rectangle, then bend it, extrude it, connect it to torus and all and the next day I did pretty good in exam, but the viva wasn't really all that nice... Then sat with the topper of my class and heard (revised) all the lessons of Urdu Literature, which btw has pretty hard stuff, since it is literature and written by the pioneers of the language itself, Ghalib, Allama Mohammed Iqbal, Parveen Shakir, Saadat Hassan Manto and Munshi Prem Chand.
Thanx to her, I wrote what all I wrote in the paper... especially regarding the "Dunya k anmol Ratan" by Munshi Prem Chand.

Anchor with out lights/texture or anything, just a simple model.
Next three are the pictures of the Martini Shot glass, I made in the paper.
I like how it looks in the process, but when I render it, it ends up looking dumb..

Anyhoo, the day passed and right now I am sitting beside my laptop, and trying hard to do cartooning's mid-term project, which is to make 15 panels of a comic book, and print it, and I haven't done even two of them completely till now.
I just hope I somehow finish something and get passed, see, now I regret wasting my time and not doing the work while I had time, right now I am doing the work and along side watching Zoella's vlogs and Alfie's vlog. And I am thinking about buying Zoella's book. I am going to show you guys all that is happening right now... have a look :)

Well lets see how far can I get with the comic book thing... :P
At least I should try, but my neck is paining :(
And I have drawing paper as well, we have to draw gestural drawing and read its notes as we have a written paper as well, along with the drawing. And if someone is interested, let me know, and I'll send it to you :)
See you guys later, do drop a comment, would love to read from you guys.

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