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Friday, 28 November 2014

Last and Second last exam tomorrow and I don't wanna study.

Hello Guys, how are you? I hope you'd all be good :D
Well, as the post title says, I have exams going on, and I have a habit of not doing right thing at the right time, in fact, I even like the rush that comes with reading the notes at last time, I don't have anything against exams, but I feel like we spend a whole lot of time on things that are not really important and we may or may not remember them when we graduate.
I am in Computer Arts field so I have the edge that we people mostly do the "CREATIVE WORK".
But I feel like what ever falls under work, isn't really good, you know, I feel like you should do something when you want to do it, not when you are forced by the teachers or anyone else.
I had a clear motive, I wanted to do animation when I wrote Computer Arts in the form, but sometimes I regret it, everybody regrets their decision no matter how good it actually is or how better the result might be, but every student regrets choosing the field that he/she did choose, the same goes for me, I particularly hate hate hate deadlines...
They make me sick, and give me headaches, so the next thing I do is shut my eyes and sleep, yeah, it is the silliest thing to do, but I do do it, whenever something gives me headache or has a pressure on my or my head, I simply sleep, it calms me out. And the next day, I regret sleeping.
Look it is a vicious cycle the educationists have put us in, first they put loads of knowledge in our head, with the speed of light, then they fix dates for quizes and exam papers, then they even give us projects and assignments, the only paper I feel relaxed about from inside is that has very less notes or has something practical or conceptual, like I have 6 subjects this semester, and right now I have mid-term exams, I have Drawing, Cartoon & Caricature, 3d Animation, Script Writing, Urdu Literature, Marketing Management, and Women in development. Oppss, I have 7 subjects and I have been counting them 6 only. I don't know why, but I feel like I have been giving myself less credit, anyways, yesterday (as in the day before this day, coz I have paper today at 8 and I am writing this blog post at 4 in the morning {night}) I had two papers, one was of 3d Animation, which we do on Autodesk 3ds max, and I had learnt for the first time what was going to come in paper/practical exam, from a classmate, who is really good at it, and is a humble soul, so we did it from almost 2:45pm or 3pm to 4pm, while eating lemon sandwich biscuits, and what we did was Lathe (a simple glass of our choice, just simple lathe without lighting, texturing, material or anything) and the other one was modeling an anchor, with a rectangle, then bend it, extrude it, connect it to torus and all and the next day I did pretty good in exam, but the viva wasn't really all that nice... Then sat with the topper of my class and heard (revised) all the lessons of Urdu Literature, which btw has pretty hard stuff, since it is literature and written by the pioneers of the language itself, Ghalib, Allama Mohammed Iqbal, Parveen Shakir, Saadat Hassan Manto and Munshi Prem Chand.
Thanx to her, I wrote what all I wrote in the paper... especially regarding the "Dunya k anmol Ratan" by Munshi Prem Chand.

Anchor with out lights/texture or anything, just a simple model.
Next three are the pictures of the Martini Shot glass, I made in the paper.
I like how it looks in the process, but when I render it, it ends up looking dumb..

Anyhoo, the day passed and right now I am sitting beside my laptop, and trying hard to do cartooning's mid-term project, which is to make 15 panels of a comic book, and print it, and I haven't done even two of them completely till now.
I just hope I somehow finish something and get passed, see, now I regret wasting my time and not doing the work while I had time, right now I am doing the work and along side watching Zoella's vlogs and Alfie's vlog. And I am thinking about buying Zoella's book. I am going to show you guys all that is happening right now... have a look :)

Well lets see how far can I get with the comic book thing... :P
At least I should try, but my neck is paining :(
And I have drawing paper as well, we have to draw gestural drawing and read its notes as we have a written paper as well, along with the drawing. And if someone is interested, let me know, and I'll send it to you :)
See you guys later, do drop a comment, would love to read from you guys.

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