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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Ramadan Kareem and Happy Ending

Hello everybody
We have been literally eating out so much so that we got in contact with this fine dining desert place that we absolutely fell head over heels with, it's called "Happy Ending" 
Well, the reason why loved it is because of it's ambiance and the yum yum treats that these guys make freshly for their beloved visitors *inserts googly eyes*

Oh and they have a ROOF TOP SEATING as well!!! *stop drooling!!* *Wipes mouth* 

Let me tell you the story behind Happy Ending, that comes straight from the mouth of the founders themselves.

So... How did you guys start? I mean tell us from the start, tell us from the very start.
Happy Ending; initiated by students from LSE and LUMS. But more importantly, three friends who have known one another for over a decade and amongst the numerous memories that have been shared, there is one that is worth mentioning in particular; back when we were all still teenagers we'd end up saving everything that we'd get for our pocket money at the time which never exceeded two-thousand a month for any of us. But for what? You may wonder. So that we could hangout three times a month and treat each other to the finest desserts in town. Whether it was our visit to Tiramisu so we could embrace in that molten goodness of a lava cake, HotSpot where we could order their incredible brownie served with a scoop of ice cream, or even if it were us ordering the Little Alaska at the Freddy's cafe; one thing was for sure, the sacrifice was always worth the experience. However, sometimes, it was a little too much, even for us. Our visits were often limited because much too often we would be enslaved by the financial constraints that being a student can often accompany. It was at one of these meet-ups as we sipped our way onto one of these incredibly decorated mason jars shakes that Daniyal, Ali and myself (Umair) were brought in touch with the realization that the best way to find happiness is not to search for it, but to create it! A 'Happy Ending' and not just for us, but for anyone who wanted the pleasure of experiencing the delightful luxuries without paying the premium charge for it. And so that, we could play our part and and bring happiness even to those who may have the least in their pocket so that they could devour in our premium desserts and that of course, with a neater bill. 

Let's see what some of the bigger names on Earth had to say about Happy Ending
"That's how you devour a dessert. One bite at a time"
- President Frank Underwood

What all are these guys serving you ask?
Let me show you! 

 Fashioned after the great Mountain Tambora, our Molten Lava Cake is truly a volcano. Filled with oozing hot chocolate entrapped in a soft sponge, this best seller is served with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream.

 Also known as the Trinity Cream, the origins of this exquisite dessert are debatable. But what is not debatable is the taste of the creamy custard topped by a layer of burnt golden caramel.

And since we really liked what the other person does, we planned a cute little giveaway for you guys, that's happening on Instagram and now on here as well on here *faints* lol!

Ramadan Kareem and a happy, blessed and full of life Eid !

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