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Friday, 29 April 2016

Short Story 'Paint'

Whenever you get to painting, there's some inspiration behind your holding that brush.
The main reason I have not come in terms with making a complete painting is because I do not think that art can ever be completed. Even when you think that this is the last stroke, it is not. Maybe that is the beauty of it, maybe this is the reason Leonardo Da Vinci could never complete any of his paintings, because, well it never is complete... No matter how many strokes an artist puts on his work, he knows deep down in his heart that his work is not complete. And that is why abstract art must have come into being, so that the artists don't feel bad or have an inferiority complex about his works, just so he can feel like those three uneven strokes look so much more worth than a billion strokes and thousands of tints and shades he strived hard to make and assemble a perfect landscape or portrait. That is why modernism brought with it Dadaism, which to popular believe was not even an art movement, because they walked out on perfection of art, and they called it Dada.

No matter who you are, I know in my heart that you have strived hard with that brush and palette. I have too, and that is the reason I am afraid to call myself an artist. DaVinci or Diggas or Van Gogh were also never given their chances in life, because they did not know the future, neither do we. Who knows, in 3016 someone might buy Muzna Shafi's "Zulaikhan- the woman who loved too much" for billions of dollars. We just need hope to paint, paints can be bought, its the hope that is not sold anywhere.

What is something that you wish you could do and publish with a secret identity?

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