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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How was my weekend, you asked?

Well, I have been busy, and not so busy at the same time... huh! Funny...
These few days, especially weekends, I've been sketching people, in the rough way, and trying to find my muse, I know it is odd since every time I see a new work, I say that I am going to try it, but then it stays in my folders or my bookmarks, and I never find enough time to do it.
But this past weekend, I've been trying to start something on my own.
I am not gonna show you....
I am kind of ashamed of it....
"Show it please" "Show us, we wanna see" "Please Imagination Station, show us, for God's sake"
Alright Alright.... I'll show you, but don't you dare make fun of it...
"Ok :P "

In this one just like the upper one, I've added watercolor effects, but I am going to keep trying until I get it right.

Is it good?
"Umm, hehe, umm, it's wonderful" (Starts laughing)
What? Why are you laughing?
"Nothing, nothing" (tries to stop laughing, but can't)
Ok, that's it, I am throwing you guys out of my blog...
Filthy needy people....
Always trying to pull my legs... :(
But I don't care anymore..., coz I am AWESOME ^_^


Ok, after looking at the first picture, a friend of mine asked me to sketch her, I did, and she turned out like this....

(laughs in the background)
(looks out of window) I am telling you guys, stop laughing... 
Ok, ok, she sure as heavens looks much better in real life, but I was just sketching her ryt!


The next one I made was of another online friend.

Actually I made her sketch before both of them, but posted this one on my Facebook later.
She loved it, and I feel good seeing people happy ^_^
Btw the other two friends of mine also liked their sketches....
And now I am thinking about polishing my sketching skills (A bit more) :P

Btw, here are the sketches I made of myself.
And my friends said that the sketch doesn't really resemble me at all.
Sad me :(

 And the other one is of me and my friend, my sketching is bad, the picture I drew it from wasn't
We are FAB.

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