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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Blake Effect: What the Star's Pregnancy Means for the Fashion Industry

Yep, Blake Lively is pregnant, and yep, she looks hawwttt even with a big round tummy :D

Blake Lively is all over the news with her baby bump being the most hot gossip of the time.

A baby bump and still keeping up with her style, the flawless Queen Serena of Gossip Girl is actually a Queen in real life, yes she is, don't believe me?
Check out the video by Elle

Video © Elle magazine 2014

So if you are a to-be-mommy, or a mommy, or anyone who has left being fashionable and all that trendiness, because you got fat or you get sick a lot, well cheer up ladies, make Mrs.Ryan Reynolds your fashion guide and follow her, as she has grown from a chirpy teenager to a young but with a bit of pregnancy fat mommy, you can do it all too ladies!
You need to feel like Blake to make your spouse feel like Ryan, it all starts with you, coz you are the sun to someone's day.
So giddy up and do workout, and tone up.
I am posting more pictures of Blake, so you can get motivated and if you are crazy like me, 
you can even drool at her beauty ^_^
Ryan, you are one lucky guy, yes you are.

A happy mom, is a happy family.

Yuhu... Celebrating these precious moments.

Now that's a lady, who has something precious with her, and is trying to keep it safe ^_^

This woman knows how to carry herself, even with a baby bump.. You Rock Blake Lively!

When I see them, I wonder who loves whom more...

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