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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Inferiority Complex as a Blogger and blogger's block

Well, every time I start doing something, I have a sense of inferiority in the pit of my stomach, I feel like I don't know anything about it, how am I ever going to cope up with the intensity of the work that I am about to do, that is the same reason, I haven't been consistent blogger, and I am much guilty about the fact, and to be honest I used to see all those fancy blogs and the number of followers following them, and I was sad, I started to think maybe I am not good at blogging, the thing I started because I wanted to talk to people, people who wanted to connect, who had similar likes as me, who probably read the same books, liked the same movies and did all the stuff that I did, or probably procrastinated just like I do. But then I got busy, busy procrastinating, and did not continue to show what I did and reach out, because to some people, blogging is just business, unlike some of us, and good for them, they end up having many likes and followers and people commenting to what they thought they could relate to, but now, after much long self pity, today, I thought, I should do what I like, and not stop doing it because maybe a lot of people are a billion times better than me at it, but maybe because the chances of me writing the same thing might be small too, and that I shall write for the people who would like to read what I have to say to them.
Friends, I'd like for you people to tell me what all can I write about, what all would you like to know about me. And if you'd like to read more about inferiority complex as a blogger or writer, I'd like to share much more with you guys, do comment and do share the post with your friends if you liked the post a teeny tiny bit. ^_^

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