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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fun around with Reading books

Hello buddies....
We know we have been out of scene for a while.... but not any more!!
You are reading this post by your very own and known Blogger Muxi aka Muzna :)
This post is a question about whatever book you are reading these days and what do you do with your old books....

Me and my friends have an assignment in our college about reading a book and giving our critical reviews on it.... I'd like to get some serious help from you guys.... I have many ebooks but as you all know I am a paperback addict, I'd love you to help me some how... If you are willing to send up any of your old/new book which has all its pages and is in nice condition do let me know.... I and my 3 friends will choose a book each month and there will be trivias and fun games out of one/two of the chosen books...
Randomely and point wise, two winners will be choosen... who will get Amazon card!!!
I hope this sounds interesting and if it does... do contact us if you are willing to send me up any book/s.
Email me ""
do spread the word... the more the participators the more will be the fun!!! 

Thanx alot for leaving your comment. We love hearing from you!! Have a nice blog tour and have loads of fun!! You might contact us at this address ""