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Monday, 29 April 2013

27 Dresses (movie review)


Ended 27 Dresses  movie just right now!

A nice movie, where u see people eventually find their love, from all the movies along with 27 Dresses, my believe on the right time for love is becoming strong, because, every love story has a time!!
So, when your time comes, enjoys and cheerish every moment of that love, cause, you might always be inspired by the theme of love, with someone whom you are not meant to be in love with, or maybe the right person at that moment of time doesnt seem so right, so, so... just wait, keep praying, keep helping others, keep on loving yourself, and always, be in love with love.!!

On a personal level, I didnot adore the main lead actress much "Katherine Heigl"
But I dont know why, I like James Marsden from a few movies, especially The Notebook :) I see, his face is similar to somebody I like, so you know mind science it is :P
but characters Kevin, Tess, George and Pedro all were nice  :)

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M.S aka Muzna Shafi

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