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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hunger Games Giveaway by Imagination Station

For all those people who love Hunger Games, and love playing games too, we have created a few games for them, and by playing all of them, they can enter into the giveaway of HUNGER GAMES!!
All the games are to be played by 30th of April!!
*after that date, enteres would not be accepted

Links to the games you need to play are

Easy-Hunger Games- Trivia-from IMDB
Easy-Hunger Games- Trivia-from IMDB (quick game)-1
Easy-Hunger Games- Trivia-from IMDB (quick game)-2
By Saeeda Khushi

Hunger Games- Trivia
Hunger Games _ by Suzanne Collins-1 (quick game)
Hunger Games- Trivia 1 (quick game)
Hunger Games- Trivia 2 (quick game)

When you play these game, do let us know that you played, so that you are entered into the giveaway for winning HUNGER GAMES.
Tell us by commenting here or emailing us that you played all the games, and if you need to know any answers you can ask us by emailing us to ""